Design the Life You Love- Ayse Birsel


Overall rating: ★★★★

I was given the opportunity to review Design the Life You Love by Blogging for Books.  I figured that I’d get the book, flip through it, maybe complete a few activities, and write up a review.  That was over a month ago.

Design the Life You Love was nothing I expected, and everything I needed.  Ayse is a designer and professional problem solver.  Her creativity and artistry shine through every page.  She draws, writes, graphs and explains her way through the chapters, helping the reader understand the issue (‘deconstructing’ your life) and the solutions (‘reconstructing’ your life).  

If you’re looking for easy answers as to what you should do with your life, you won’t find them here.  Don’t buy it if you aren’t serious about making some changes.  It takes work- drawing, thinking, planning, meditating.  It’s not a feel-good book, it’s a get-to-work kind of a book.  You won’t find ideas on the pages, you need to come with your own.  If you have ideas about how you want to live but don’t know how to make those a reality, Ayse is your girl.

I’m not done with the process.  I’m trying to take it seriously, and give it the time, attention and brevity it deserves.  I want to live intentionally with my life and am overjoyed and grateful to have found such a useful tool.  

My hope is to return and write a thorough post about what I designed for myself and my future, but that will take time.  In the meantime, buy this book here.

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